3D Tifo

For big events, we deliver the complete range to realize a 3D Tifo, including aluminum poles, mounting systems, nets, ropes and safety systems to lift the smooth running of a 3D tifo banner with a fabric that can effectively reduce a hole structure that can effectively reduce the wind load that can occur with high wind permeability .With our textile direct printing machines we are able to reproduce any color values, photos and color gradients brilliantly and print them on your 3D banner And if that is too much manual work, we are happy to supply the appropriate motors and cables for installation underneath the roof. "Of course, we are happy to help with the planning, installation and implementation.
3D Tifo net

The black 3D Tifo net is made of a polypropylene filament yarn,...

Aluminium pole

The aluminum pole in the 1-point version, whose strength lies in...

3D Tifo rope

The 3D tifo rope is a static rope for high loads. The core...

Fall protection system

Semi-automatic belay device with supporting braking force for our...