3D tifo

Item number: 019.333.200

Price on application
The automatic 3D system consists of special chain hoists that can be used across the public and have the appropriate certificates. The chain hoists are equipped with a special control which guarantees a synchronous ascent and descent of up to 5 chain hoists at the same time. A chain hoist can carry a load of up to 250 kg and the span between the chain hoists is 15 meters. As a result, grandstands with a width of 70 meters span with 5 chain hoists. The maximum height of the chain hoists is 35 meters. This corresponds to the height of 99% of the arenas worldwide. The chain hoists are extremely fast and can travel up to 35 meters per minute in ascent and descent under load. As a result, the 3D choreography arrived at your end point within 1 minute. The system requires professional installation and other components (trusses and small parts) We would be happy to calculate an individual rental or purchase offer for you. We would be happy to provide you with a full service offer including planning, installation and dismantling / disposal.