Ballon LED

LED ballons made of natural latex. The balloon has a diameter of 30 cm and integrates an LED light bulb.The balloon impresses with its strong luminosity.The LED light illuminates the balloon completely.Ideal for an evening event or inside the arena at the concert or a sportevent. The luminosity lasts for 24-48 hours due to battery operation, can be filled with air and helium, the air lasts several days, made of natural latex, this balloon is 100% biodegradable, it is colourfast and the quality can be up to One year of storage (dry at 10-20 degrees) is guaranteed, filled with helium, the flight time is given as 6-10 hours, and the helium filling capacity per balloon is 1-2 grams. The helium fill quantity per balloon is 0.012 m≥ - 0.015 m≥ and can carry balloon wide flight charts up to 1 gram.
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