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Artikelnummer: 006.015.001
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The classic round balloon made of latex in large format. The balloon metallic has a diametre of 30 cm and thus offers good coverage in the arena or the stadium. The balloon is shiny metallic and impresses with its strong color strength. The ideal article to set accents in color. Can be filled with air or helium. The air lasts several days. Made from natural latex, this balloon is 100% biodegradable. It is colourfast and the quality can be guaranteed up to one-year storage (dry at 10-20 degrees). Packed in poly bag. When filled with helium, the flight time is given as 12-16 hours. The carrying capacity of the helium filling per balloon is 8 grams. The helium filling quantity per balloon is 0.011 m? - 0.013 m? and can carry wide balloon charts up to 3 grams.