Big sector banner sewn according to patterns

The big sector banner sewn on pattern is made from our selected polyester Flag premium. The polyester fabric Premium has a thickness of 60 grams / m˛ and convinces with its lightness and high color strength. In addition, he is an absolute transport miracle. Flexible and cuddly, it adapts to every transport option. 5 samples are standardized to choose from. We are happy to deal with customer templates and design an individual design and the corresponding offer. The individual design can be ideally produced on the customer side in combination with our fabric paints or our choreo paint. Optionally, all materials can be offered in the property of flame retardancy. Please select "Big sector banners sewn according to premium flame retardant" which meets the requirements of EN 13501-1. In the Premium version we focus on quality features and sustainability The flag is completely sewn in the cap seam and with a double stitch The cut seam refers to a decorative seam that folds over the fabric ends so that both cut edges are inside the fabric at the end, connecting two fabrics together, lacing the fabric ends together with a decorative stitching on the front and back. The Sector banner sewn according to the pattern Premium can be equipped with different assemblies.For this please select the desired assembly during the assembly selection. Please note the corresponding care instructions.Please contact our support for an express production.
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