Flag poles

The right flagpole for every application. The classic is our plastic rod. Flexible and flexible, yet sturdy, it's popular under the eye of safety. Our flagpoles made of wood have a higher load capacity. This is at the expense of the flexible pivoting property. The flagpole wood finally convinced by the good eco-balance. At the latest with our flagpoles made of paper, the green thumb goes up. Made of hard cardboard, this flagpole does not need to fear the competition in the form of stability. All flagpoles can be offered with the feature of flame retardancy. However, this is at the expense of the LCA.
Flag pole wooden

The flagpole with a size of 100,120 or 150 cm and a diametre of...

Paper bars ECO

The paper flagpole has a diameter of 1.4 cm and a length of 100...

Flag pole plastic

The flagpole made of PVC is available in different sizes and...