Flags are our passion, whether big or small flags, hand swivels, panning flags, banners, block flags, fence or Hissfahnen.We can do everything and that with German workmanship and quality.Our selected materials bribe a high color strength, the extremely strong tear resistance, In addition, the flags are weatherproof and can be used for indoor and outdoor use.With our textile direct printing machines, we are in the position of any color values, photos The individual design can be ideally produced on the customer side in combination with our fabric paints or our choreo color.Special requests in special colors, sizes and quantities as well as individual assemblies, up to the special fair construction, are by un our own manufactory representable. We are fire protection specialists. Our fabrics can be subsequently impregnated with fire retardants or it has this feature of flame retardancy ex factory. These substances are tested and certified according to the German DIN 4102-B1 or the European successor standard EN 13501-1.