Foil sheets in motif print

The foil printed in the motif print is made from our 40 my standard foil. The surface, identical on the front and back, is water-repellent and slightly shiny. The base film is transparent. There is a one-sided print on the front. On the back you have a 95% print which indicates the motif in mirror image. We offer 8-colour screen printing on this film. Due to the transparent foil the colour white is to be regarded as a colour. It impresses with its brilliant colour image and a clear sharpness in the subject. The film can be individually designed according to your motifs. The film is considered robust and tear-resistant. Of course, we also offer the foil panels in the fire protection "flame retardant". See foil panel motif print flame retardant. Special designs in special colours, sizes or quantities available on request.