Glueable Nonwoven fabric premium

The nonwoven fabric premium is 95 grams per square metre and is appealing due to its high density, extreme resistance to tearing and reduced absorbency and consequently, low application of paint. Made in a width of 1.5 metres and a length of 100 metres, the fabric convinces in particular by its fast processing capability and versatility. A special topcoat treatment in combination with double-sided adhesives allows a bonding / scarring of the fabrics. This type of processing is in no way inferior to the classic seam with the sewing machine. The painting features, in combination with our fabric paint or TIFO paint, are perfect. It takes the color well and proves to be a saving miracle in consumption. The applied color, whether by our TIFO, fabric color or our spray paint, covers the fabric completely and quickly and dries very quickly. Its proximity features are characterized by the lightness, but also by the grip of the material as excellent. Thanks to a special surface coating, the nonwoven Premium can be processed to large banners or sector flags even without the industrial seam. In combination with our duct tape (included in delivery 4 times), the fabric can be assembled quickly into large areas. Customized products in special colors, sizes or quantities can be produced on request in our inhouse.
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