Paper board standard

The paper board standard is the price and transport wonder among the paper boards with a thickness of 80 grams per square metre." The paper board standard impresses with its matt and highly concentrated paint application. is completely ruled out, it withstands heavy use and is ready for use even after a rainstorm.The workmanship is ideal.The handy top layer allows the wrapping or folding of the paper in seconds.Also fixing with rubber bands is not a problem. For the standing area, the format is 70x50 cm and for the seating area we recommend the oversized size 90x70 cm. Different packaging options, from folding over the gossip to the viewing window are available. Finally, the paper in a Polybags are packed individually. The paper board standard can achieve the feature of "flame retardant" by subsequent treatment with flame retardant additives. In the category flame retardant we offer the appropriate material for this requirement. Of course, we also offer the paper board in the feature of flame retardant as a finished assembly. See paper board premium flame retardant. Custom-made products in special colors, sizes or quantities can be produced on request in our in-house event factory.