Paper confetti

Every event lives on confetti. So we are experts for special events such as the street carnival, wedding or any outdoor giant events. The paper and metallic confetti can also be used to fill shooter cartridges. Whether metallic confetti, streamers, paper confetti in heart shape or paper streamer, nothing stands in the way of individuality. Our crepe paper throw rolls have the perfect dimensions to create a big event. Of course, we supply the articles with the fire protection feature "flame retardant" according to EN 13501-1. Special designs in special colors, sizes or quantities available on request.
Standard confetti

Confetti paper from the 80 gsm classic paper with a diameter of 7...

Frisbee confetti

On a roll folded and stuck at the end, evenly sized strips of...

Slowfall FX confetti

Special super light slow-fall paper with 40 grams / mē and the...

Slowfall confetti heart

Super slow-paper 40g / mē 40mm diameter star-shaped paper, which...

Slowfall confetti star

Special super light paper with 40 grams / mē and a diameter of 40...

Twister confetti

Innovative twisting effect due to the lightweight super slow fall...