Plastic bags 75x90cm - - 3c - flame retardant

Item number: 999.030.206ET

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The plastic bag in the motif print is made from our 40 my standard foil. The identical surface on the front and back is water-repellent and slightly shiny. The film is considered robust and tear-resistant. The foil bag is offered in the dimensions 75x90cm. The foil bag is colored in our standard colors. There is also a 3-color print. This turns the bag into an individual event module. Printing is one-sided. The foil pouch is versatile and reusable. It can be equipped with a magazine or give-away items in the stadium or arena and impresses with a second life after use in the curve show. The garbage costs in the arenas are significantly reduced by the entrainment effect. The film bag is equipped with flame-retardant additives and meets the requirements of EN 13501-1. This is the European successor standard to DIN 4102-B1.