Plastic film flags ECO

The foil flag from our PE foil Standard ECO has a thickness of 40 (0.04mm). It impresses with its low weight without having to accept losses in tear strength. It offers a high colour strength in combination with a water-repellent, slightly glossy, identical front and back surface. The film has a high colour content and can be described as almost opaque. Of course, we also offer the foil banner in the fire protection property "flame retardant". See foil flag - flame retardant ECO. In the area of foil banner ECO we offer the foil banner made of 100% recyclable materials. The film is fully compostable. The flagpole can be selected with a paper stick, a wooden stick or a bamboo stick. All 3 variants are fully recyclable and biodegradable. Custom-made products in special sizes or quantities are available on request through our own production facility.