Plastic film hand banner fire retardant

The plastic film hand banner has a thickness of 40 micron (0.04mm) and stands out for its low weight, without loss of tear resistance, offering high colour strength in combination with a water repellent, slightly glossy finish. The film has a high colour content and can be described as almost opaque. The hand banner is offered in portrait and landscape format. The plastic film hand banner is pre-assembled with a plastic rod of 100 cm length and 1 cm thickness. The hand banner is ideally made in landscape format and the size 75x90 cm. The landscape format provides ideal coverage in the fan blocks. Even the portrait format of 90 cm and a width of 75 cm has its advantages. The packaging of the flag takes place in bundles of 25 bundles. Custom-made products in special sizes or quantities are available on request through our own production facility. Of course, we also offer the film hand banner in the fire protection "flame retardant". See plastic film hand banner - flame retardant.