Plastic film role standard fire retardant

The standard film (LPDE) is 40micron (0.04mm) thick. The size of our standard film is 1.5m x100m. The film is folded on the half (0.75metre). It offers a high color strength in combination with a water-repellent, slightly shiny, identical front and back surface. It is universally applicable and captivates by its low weight without loss of tear resistance. It is very easy to assembly large stand banners with tape. This standard film is ideal for any packaging. Whether in the sector as plastic film flag, plastic film sheet, twin stick banner or big banner flag or for any event as cover film. It can be retrofitted with a special coating that leads to perfect painting features in combination with our plastic film color. This is in no way inferior to the fabric painting. The advantage is an extremely low consumption of color. The plastic film role standard is fire retardant according to EN 13501-1. It is the european fire retardant standard. Special designs in special colors, sizes or quantities available on request.
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