Telescopic pole premium XL

The telescopic pole Premium XL consists of several conical fiberglass elements. The elements are wound six times and impress with their extremely robust and stable properties. The load limit is between 60-80 kg. The flagpoles are painted black. The telescopic pole consists of 5,6 or 7 equally large elements of 115 cm. 15 cm are conical on the inside and make assembly a breeze. The rod closes with a rubber stopper at the end at the top. The lower element is provided with a fixed screw cap. After removing the rubber stopper, the rod can be extended manually with a jerky movement. The conical processing enables the elements to be easily fixed and the rod is ready for use. The diameter of the pole is 5.8 cm at the bottom and at the top for the 5 m pole = 2.9 cm, for the 6 m pole = 2.5 cm and for the 7 m pole = 2.0 cm. Protect the pole with our telescopic protective bags.